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The way the people vote ...

April 1, 2014
Posted at 4:48 pm

I'm not really bothered about scores on my stories, I write because I want to write, and if others enjoy it, that's all to the good.

What interests me though, is that people vote a "1", which equates to "You call this a story!?"(sic), (It's actually bad grammar to put an exclamation mark with a question mark like that, but I'm not gonna be the one who tells Lazeez!) or a "2 - Hated it!", "3 - Pretty bad", and so on. I've never voted anything less than a "5", for the simple reason that I couldn't read anything that bad!

Can these people honestly say they've read the whole story, right through, before coming to that conclusion? Bollocks! If a story's as bad as that any reasonable person would just click away from it, just as I do when I see the words 'ten inch dick', or even worse '10" dick'! I just click away, no vote, no nothing, and I never look back.

The only other conclusion that leaves us though, is that the low vote is malicious, just intended to drag the story down. In that case, I feel sorry for the perpetrators, they must be the saddest people on the planet, more to be pitied than despised. I've noticed from other author's blogs, that these people rarely, if ever, email the author to say why. In my case though, it's probably because I won't accept anonymous emails, and these sort of people rarely want to put their names to what they do.

As I said at the beginning, I don't really care about the score, so fuck 'em! If pulling others down makes them feel happy, I dread to think how they live, it's the number of downloads that makes me happy, and the fuckwits can't take that away from me, or any other author on SoL.