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Mike and Malok Chapter 11

March 30, 2014
Posted at 9:31 am

I just submitted M&M Chapter 11 to the queue.

While I'm heartened by the incredible number of readers the story has, I'm really mystified by the fact that the score continues to plummet. It's lost .06 in the last week and shows no sign of stopping. Likewise, most of my feedback has been quite positive and helpful.

I'd really appreciate if someone who voted me an 8 or lower recently (or lowered their score to an 8 or lower) could tell me why they did so (as these scores actually lower the existing score). My goal is to try to improve the story. Considering consistently placing in the top 10 in popularity among active serials for the last few weeks, I'm curious as to why the score continues to shrink.

Thank you and thanks for your continued support!