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Florida Friends

March 30, 2014
Posted at 8:56 am

I've about decided I'm a lousy blogger. I keep waiting for something "important" to happen and then forget to mention it. My travel blog is stagnant, even though I've gone a thousand miles since my last post. Here, there has been so much going on that I haven't mentioned.

I'll start by saying that I'm in Florida and I contacted Dual Writer as I entered Tampa to find out what landmarks I could see that were reminiscent of his great series "Florida Friends." He pointed out that most of the trailer parks along Florida Avenue were gone now, but any one of those remaining would give me an idea of the place. Even the RV park I stayed in had some of that flavor. I have to say that I get up in the morning, make coffee, and flip on my patio light, just like a lot of my neighbors do.

DW suggested that one sight not to miss was Tampa V-Twin, the Harley dealer on North Florida Avenue where I could get a t-shirt and see Jan's famous twins. Both were there. Plus, it's a hell of a nice shop. I passed up the thirty-dollar t-shirt, though if Jan had offered me the one she was stretching out of shape, I'd have accepted!

You might remember that one of the favorite stops for Steve and Sue and Chuck et. al. was at a little café for grouper sandwiches. DW suggested Frenchie's on Clearwater Beach, but when I asked at V-Twin, the concensus was that Clearwater would be a mess with Spring Break and I should go farther north to Tarpon Springs and try Rusty Bellies on the docks. I did. Friends, the grouper sandwich is not the only reason I came to Florida, but it's a lot better reason than most of them. Fresh caught that morning, served with onion rings and hush puppies and some local dark beer. I could hardly move afterward!

So what did I do? Got in the truck and foolishly decided to just cruise south along the beach to Clearwater Beach. I have to say that, though limited, I saw some of the best bikini clad scenery I've seen in Florida. But getting across the bridge to Clearwater Beach was stopped traffic for forty-five minutes and since it looked to be the same for another two miles to the beach, I made a U-turn and headed back to Tampa.

I'm now down in Punta Gorda where I've spent the week harassing an old friend. I'm heading to Naples tomorrow and will be staying there, still searching for the elusive Florida sunshine.

I will say that Dual Writer was surprised and very happy when I told him he was a finalist in the Clitorides awards with "Recluse and Ghost." Go over and check out the awards site and a) read the stories, then b) vote for your favorites.

More from Florida soon.