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What's next, and does anyone know any good storefronts?

March 29, 2014
Posted at 6:20 pm

Hi all.

Well, first, there is a story in the works. Very hush hush, and I have no idea how long it may take. It could be awhile, to the point where I do other things while I work on it. A very, very short story might make it out next week. We'll see.

On another front, I was forced to abandon my WePay store as they decided to get out of that game. I only had one sale from it, but I also lost my donation button. Very sad. I set up another store at Milduu, one that, unlike WePay, would deal with digital goods. I could finally sell ebooks! What could go wrong?

Well, after three ebook sales, I can say the site sucks from the customer's perspective, and I'm finding it annoying as well. I need another site. Someplace where I can set up a storefront and sell books. I would like it to be free, and take a percentage of my sales. I say this because even the cheapest pay site would have taken all my earnings from this month, and what's the point of that? So, if anyone has any ideas let me know.