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This is a first....

March 28, 2014
Posted at 6:57 am

For the first time I am asking my readers, or Stories online members, for assistance. I am sort of/kind of working on a new Roadtrip story. Not a sequel, it's a whole new idea. All new characters. It's just in the planning stages right now so don't expect anything posted anytime soon. If it goes like normal, I'll get to about page 50 and then run headlong into a brick wall so.... Let's hope not. :)

But, since I am trying. I need information. What I would like is for someone who knows something about RV's to write me a nice long e-mail telling me all about an RV. A link to a picture and a blueprint would be nice.

I want something self-contained, not a trailer. I don't need a description of the RV, I can get that from the pictures and the blueprint.

What I need to know are details:
Can you get cable or satellite TV while the RV is in motion? If so, how?
Do they come with dishwashers? A clothes washing machine? (Is it me, or do both the dishwasher and the wash machine seem like real bad ideas? Machines, full of water, in a moving vehicle?)
Is there a special license you need to drive one?
Do the dealerships offer classes?
Do you have to be a certain age to drive one?
What about insurance? Will insurance cover an 18 or 19 year old kid driving around in an RV?
How much water will the RV hold?
How long will it last, on average?
How often do you have to empty the "waste"?
How much gas do they take? How many gas tanks do they have and what's the mileage like? (something beyond "Sucks" would be appreciated :) )
I know running the engine will charge the batteries which will keep the lights on but how long will the lights stay on if the engine isn't running?
Those silly little things that will add authenticity to my story since I have spent about 10 seconds of my life in an RV. :)

Price is not really a concern here because of how the story is going to be written but I don't want anything too extravagant. Near the top of the line but off-the-shelf so to speak. If I get e-mails from more than one reader, I will use the one who gives the best descriptions but might use details offered up by others.

Thank you, in advance.