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Not sure what's up next, plus Diverxity

March 17, 2014
Posted at 3:57 pm


So far, it has been the usual post-story thing. Various ideas have come, and been shot down. Mostly ideas I've flirted with before, but the reasons not to do them have not changed (or I've found different ones). There is one project I will be doing somewhat soon, but the start date on that one is unknown. Before then, there's time for short stories.

One thing I've been thinking of is doing a rewrite of the first few Taylor stories. The first two have been revised before, as they were originally posted without an editor and I tweaked them with SciFi Nut's help before putting them on ASSTR. Re-reading Tip a Canoe and Taylor Too, however, showed me there was room for improvement. I don't like continually rewriting things, but I don't think it would take much effort to go over them. I'll have to think about it.

The reason I was looking at Tip a Canoe is I posted it, along with Amy Day, to the site It's a... well, what it wants to be and what it is may be different things :) What it promotes itself as is a place for creators to post projects, mostly photos, and get paid based on views. The site tracks what paid members look at, and divide the membership fee among the creators appropriately. Now, what it IS is a place for creators to hang out, show off, and talk, as membership is free for them and there are few non-creators due to the high costs. There are very few stories, and mine have gotten few views, but I'll probably hang around for a little bit.