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Results of new book release

March 17, 2014
Posted at 11:07 am

The responses to my newest book release was fascinating to observe. My webpage views jumped from 64 to 627 from Friday to Saturday. That's a one-day peak that accounts for 1/16th of every visit to my site.

I attribute that interest to a couple of things:
1) talking the book up on various writer forums
2) launching a 'free book' giveaway on
3) lucky timing that the launch coincided with the close of "Racing the Clock" and the noticed that "Touring Under Pressure" would start immediately afterwards (Tuesday).

While the sales of "Stranded" are consistent with "Building a Legacy", the peak of interest has boosted my Amazon sales (which makes sense, assuming that most goodread fans purchase their books from Amazon. Of course, Amazon pays authors less, and offer less control/quality in book formatting, so I'll have to see what the overall impact is. But hopefully all these new people will continue to watch. And if I get some decent reviews, maybe they'll go from idle curiosity to active readers.

By the way, I'll post "Stranded" here, but only after "Building a Legacy" finishes posting (that's book 6 of "Catalyst" and book 5, "Touring Under Pressure" begins posting on 3/18).