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New 10-chapter story - 'Brat Pack'

March 16, 2014
Posted at 12:00 pm

It has been several years since my last story was uploaded. This new one, Brat Pack, is quite different from previous offerings by 'Dr Scribble'. For a start, it's the first one I've ever submitted in chapters. Two chapters will be uploaded on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with the final three being uploaded on Sunday next.
After that, the story continues in 'Brat Pack 2'.
There's an oblique reference to Valley Honey's "Jason's Little Family" stories, which I hope to see finished one day (soon!)
Does this mean a return to writing more often? Probably not. Brat Pack and BP2 were written during a five-week cruise of the Caribbean (Lesser Antilles), when there was plenty of time to sit at the computer and write. The next planned cruise is to eastern Canada, but not for 18 months.
I kind of woke up one morning, somewhere near the Cape Verde Islands, with the idea for Brat Pack more or less in place. Sadly, such inspiration does not often strike in the same place... Bit like lightning, I guess.
If you should write to me, I will always respond (assuming you don't write anonymously), and most of the time, I'm grateful for your comments. <G>

Dr S.