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GD 3 and other new stories

March 12, 2014
Posted at 7:31 pm

With "Stranded" being published this week (March 15) I'm busy trying to get last minute changes in, but I'm making progress on a few other stories as well.

Great Death 3 is already up to chapter 7 (figure it'll be around 23 chapters total). I've decided to rename it from "The Resurrection of Hope" (too many false associations) to "Seeding Hope Among the Ashes".

I'm also working on "Singularity", which is kind of a combination of "Catalyst" and "Stranded". That one, though, isn't quite as far along.

I'm hoping to get books out more regularly again. After "Stranded", I'm going to release "Love and Family" and "Grappling" on Amazon (about a month apart), before I decide whether to release "Seeding Hope" or "Singularity" next.

As far as posting here on SOL, I'm about to begin posting "Touring Under Pressure" three-days-a-week (Tues/Thurs/Sat). That'll last two months and then I'll start the all new conclusion "Building a Legacy".

"Stranded" will be posted here (after those finish posting), and will also appear on Finestories (but probably not ASSTR).