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March 11, 2014
Posted at 9:55 pm

My mouse quit…sorta.

sorta's ass! the damn thing stopped in mid thought.

I couldn't fix it

How many times have you fixed the damn thing

Oh…six or eight…always worked before.

Seems to me you would have bought a new one.

Mice cost money.

You are perpetually broke, ain't you.

I pay my rent, internet and power before I do anything else.

But…you never have anything left.

Nope…but I'm not homeless. Homeless scares me worse than falling…and falling is right up there at the top.

Where did you get the mouse you're using?

We had several dead mice…

Oh…so this isn't the first time?

Nope…We had several dead mice…

You said that.

Quit interrupting me!!

Temper temper

Lookit little girl…you are the times that try men's souls. Now shut up!

I'll just shut up, then?


You don't have to yell…I can tell when I'm not wanted

We had several dead mice so the wife said she'd try and cobble up a working…soldering pencil time. No dice. She loaned me her laptop mouse so I can finish this chapter.

Lots of luck with that

Uh OH.