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We get comments

March 5, 2014
Posted at 3:25 pm

I do get comments. Lots of them. They, along with the huge monthly checks, are what keep me writing.

99% of my comments are positive.

That other 1%, though. Last week when I posted (reposted, actually) the last chapter of Sunday Afternoon, I got a negative comment. It was anonymous, so I decided to post a reply of sorts on here.

The complaint was "This is almost a pure sex
story, with only a bare minimum of character
development, a bare minimum of plot, and the
little bit of conflict being too shallow to be

Ooookay, then...

first, thanks for taking time to write. Even negative comments are great, especially when, as this writer did, there is an explanation of why there's a negative complaint. "U rite stoopud" is NOT a good negative comment.

Second, that story was one of the earliest in my attempts at writing this stuff. It was actually the second story I posted. The first one can't be on here due to the ages of the participants.

Truth is, I have evolved as a writer. Evidence? Read Cindy from start to finish. There's better than a year's growth in my writing career there. You can see it if you look: Lots of sex early on, less later, with more time for the story.

As I said many times before, I started writing because I couldn't find the stories I WANTED to read. I've learned better. First, there are some authors that I have found since I started this journey that do a very good job without exceeding my finely tuned 'squick factor'. Second, I learned that there's a lot of fun in doing a story with characters and plot and, yes, sex, right along with a life for the characters.

And to close this little baring of soul, to each of you who take time to comment, Thanks! And to those who read and haven't commented, it's painless. Doesn't take long, and I appreciate it.