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Oh hell…whatever.

March 3, 2014
Posted at 6:12 pm

Well…thanks…I think. I made a mistake in the very first chapter of the Patrol…I hadn't posted to Loris and Morg in forever…I was supposed to post it as a new chapter in L&M but….well...my mind……ya know. I never meant The Patrol to be a different story. Loris and Morg is SUPPOSED to be a story of a man transported to a starship (I call it that for no other reason than I don't know WHAT to call it…or if it is an IT.) He's got the typical cmsix choice…play along or die. The offer is that he can pick and choose where he wants to go…but he has rules. Naturally, the rules favor the house…so he keeps getting moved from planet to planet…or place to place on the same planet…but hardly ever the same time. Loris and Morg are planets nearly in the same orbit but on the opposite sides of the sun…except in the first couple of stories where they were moons of each other. I figured out pretty damn quick physics like that don't work…so I moved them. Mind fuck…happens all the time in my head. They have opposite direction of rotation…so they cross twice a year. (sounded dangerous to me too) They've been doing this for a few billion years and they're getting closer each time they cross. I imagine that they'll eventually collide and form one planet…with a lot better distribution of water and land. Now they're close enough that they can see lights on the surface….I imagine that'll be the end of that. And pretty damn quick. Billions of years ago they were lucky to move a couple of inches in a hundred centuries. Now they're into continental drift range…7 to 10 cm a year. When they get to yards…that'll be it.

As for the watches…mostly they're progressive…there's someone making watches that are not the powers that be. But this set of watches is pretty much just four of them. The first Wendy…is her own 7 or 8 thousandth grandmother. The Wanzor. 5500BC Egypt, She is also the first David's wife (Stopwatch) David was born in 1942…Wendy was 1943. As far as coming up with money…I like the idea of investing for the future…in the past. I'm very attached to flying and boating…and I personally was born in their hometown…in 1942.

Andrea's watch is the one from Germany.

Mina's watch is from Bonnie and Clyde's bank holdup. I don't know where it originated…it's a pocket watch and they've been around a couple three centuries.

Junior's watch was from The Powers that Be and she got it because The Wanzor needed to fuck with the Egyptian Kings…force the combining of the two Egypts and generally raise hell bringing civilization to the earth. So The Wanzor got to keep her watch.

Connie's watch was the watch Andrea threw away and the seagull tried to eat.

That should confuse everyone nicely.

Ya'll come visit, hear?