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Re: Should I increase postings or "Catalyst"?

March 3, 2014
Posted at 10:43 am

Well, I got plenty of feedback from my question about postings. If a writer is every feeling lonely and neglected, just ask for input! I got several suggesting that I get to the newer material, but a lot of readers wrote to say that they prefer the twice-a-week postings as it allows them to keep up with the story without being overwhelmed. Since my chapters tend to be longer, they were worried that more chapters would take too much time to read.

However, what I was mainly looking for was what readers were thinking of the revisions themselves. Since most of the errors have already been cleaned up in multiple edits and there are no plot changes, most of the changes aren't exactly apparent. In this there was more consensus, with everyone suggesting I concentrate on the newer stories rather than overly perfecting the older stuff.

That was essentially what I was curious about. I've been spending two to three days reading and revising the two new chapters each week, which distracts me from my other projects. I think I can switch to more frequent postings (three times a week), and get "Touring" out more quickly without overwhelming my regular readers.

As such, I plan to post new chapters on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting with "Touring". (I'm already posting on Saturday (on ASSTR), only I repost the week's updates.)

Having tried it out this week, I discovered that it's a major time saver! In 1/3rd the time it normally takes me to prepare the weeks posting, I prepared the rest of the chapters for "Racing the Clock", set up the formatting and multiple files for "Touring" and still got more writing done (i.e. I was less distracted before it didn't take me away from my writing long enough for me to forget where I was.)

At this pace, "Touring" should take roughly two months for the 22 chapters. Once I get to "Building a Legacy", I'll probably slow down again, possibly to only once a week so I can get feedback on the new writing where it will help inform me about which new techniques work and which don't, rather than receiving feedback on older stories.

I'll also begin posting "Touring" immediately after I finish "Racing" (on the next Tuesday).

Thanks to everyone for the valuable feedback. I appreciate it. If anyone still wants a vote, or has further comments (say on my posting "Building" only a chapter at a time) feel free to drop me a line.