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Last Chance to Nominate!

February 28, 2014
Posted at 6:23 pm

I'm finally on the road again and having a great time in Texas, so I almost missed the fact that today is the last day to nominate stories and authors for the 2013 Clitorides Awards. If you haven't made your nominations yet, here's the link, The Clitorides, and you have only hours to do it.

I realized one thing that perhaps you didn't know: Even if your favorite story or author has already been nominated, do it again! The finalists are based on the top ten most frequently nominated stories in the category. So your nomination counts. I know that I've enjoyed and even been heavily influenced by a number of stories that were completed in 2013: Hindsight 20/20, An Ordinary College Sex Life, A Flawed Diamond, A Fresh Start, A Leader Born--to name only a few. Of course, Jay Cantrell, Smokin'Driver, Invid_Fan, bluedragon, Old Man with a Pen, and others have been very influential on my writing and I think that influence has improved my writing. I want to recognize these great authors and their stories. So get on board and make a nomination or two or ten!