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Covers and new books

February 24, 2014
Posted at 12:01 pm

A couple new items.

Just added covers to all of my stories. It hadn't occurred to me before someone mentioned it as an option, but it makes the first page of the stories a bit more exciting to the see the cover image.

I updated "Racing the Clock" first, so it's already up. It worked out well so I've just updated the rest. They'll appear once the Admins can process them all.

On another note, despite "Catalyst" still churning out two chapters a week, I've got a new book prepared. It's on 'pre-release' (meaning I'm giving time for the distributors (Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo) time to stock it before I released it.

The book is titled "Stranded" and is an alternate sci-fi alien-invasion story. This one is a 'one-off' (a stand alone book, not part of a larger series). You can find it on my website:

Note: Due to problems with Goodreads and smashwords, the release date on smashwords is wrong. It'll be released on March 15, 2014.