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Clitoride Picks

February 24, 2014
Posted at 9:55 am
Updated: February 24, 2014 - 10:17 am

OK, I may be an SOL author, but like many of us, I'm an avid SOL reader too. I wanted to take a moment to share some of the stories I've nominated and encourage you to read and vote for them. I'm hoping you've enjoyed (or will enjoy) them as much as I have.

So, in no particular order...

Best Erotic Romance

The Prodigal by aroslav

The finale to aroslav's wonderful Model Student series. While I love the more positive Triptych, The Prodigal, is an incredible story of love, acceptance and forgiveness. This grouping of stories is the most loving and believable (please note I did not say "realistic", as in no guy could get that lucky, lol) treatment of polyamory I've ever read. It is also an incredible testament to friendship. Finally, you'll never look at the worlds of art and racquetball the same way again (now I equate them with hot sex and monkey love, lol). Like with all of the author's work, the characters are incredibly well drawn. You'll wish that you lived in their fictional Seattle and that you knew each and every one of them. You may like other stories nominated in this category (that may be nominated in other categories too, hint hint), but please give this story your consideration! As a true Romance, it is the best IMHO.

Honorable mention:

Recluse and Ghost by Dual Writer
Any of Argon's nominated stories
Douglas Fox's A Reluctant Hero

Best Epic Erotic Story

Recluse and Ghost by Dual Writer

This wonderful story about a man who yearns for a simple life, is complicated when he decides to let others into his life. For doing that, his life becomes so much richer. It all starts with a "ghost". Lots of wonderful characters populate this story of life unexpected turns that happen when your true nature shines through. While I could have nominated The Prodigal here (and this story under Romance), I see this story as being less about romance and more about life philosophy. Still, it is one of my stories of the year and so it gets the nod. Simply wonderful!

Honorable mention
The Prodigal by aroslav
A Flawed Diamond by Jay Cantrell
A Reluctant Hero by Douglas Fox
Child Magus by TechnicDragon

Best Erotic Fantasy Story

Child Magus by TechnicDragon

A wonderful take on the magic genre. Likeable characters, fun and hot too. Continues with Sibling Magus. This was a tough choice as I loved ElSol's Your Guardian Angel and aroslav's The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality too (not to mentioned that I have a story nominated in the category too, lol).

Honorable Mention
ElSol's Your Guardian Angel
aroslav's The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality

Best Erotic Mind Control Story

Jake's Dream Come True by BillyRay

OK, I know I have two stories of my own nominated in this category and think they are deserving, but I can't very well pick one of them without seemingly like a douche bag (but will probably vote for one of them, sorry BillyRay, lol).

Seriously, this was one of my favorite stories of the past year. It is well conceived and executed (and hot). Having some experience in writing for the genre, I can't begin tell you how good this story is. Interesting Code Monkey factoid (I wonder what my top Science Fiction story for next year's awards will be, lol): Jake's Dream Comes True is one of the top download MC stories in the history of SOL (even more than my Hooky). This means that I'm not the only person who really likes it.

Honorable Mention
I hear that mcguy101 is pretty good, ha ha.

Best Medium Erotic Story

Your Guardian Angel by ElSol

A very cool and imaginative take on a genie story with a great twist. ElSol is simply a great writer!

Honorable Mention

Argon's Girl Refurbished

Best Long Erotic Story

I'm wimping out on this one. Too many I liked including Staccato's Code Name: Crescent, Argon's Her Apple Pie and Sea Fencibles and ElSol's Swarm Cycle tale All the Things I've Done. You can't go wrong with any of them.

Best Erotic Science Fiction Story
Another wimp out moment for me. I would like to suggest a few Swarm Cycle stories that I liked equally (the previously mentioned All the Things I've Done by ElSol, Independent Command by Zen Master, Stewart's Third Mission by John Lewiston and Justin Radical's In Loco Parentis). You also can't go wrong with Phil Brown's Second Time Through: Book 3, GraySapien's Darwin's World or Aubie56's imaginative and amusing Face Off either. All good stuff.

Best Erotic Do-Over Story

Another wimp out for me. All Four entries are good stories. Smokin' Driver's two Hindsight's 20/20 tales, Phil Brown's third installment of Third Time Through and Fantasy Lover's The Methuselah Complex are all worthy contenders and I can't really say I liked one over the others. Next year, it will be worse as there are three stories I like even better that have completed (or will likely complete in case of one of them).

Best Erotic Western

I really like both Wild Wilie's romantic tale, An Unremarkable Day and MattHHelm's funny and enjoyable Somewhere in Time - A Trip to Waco. Both are great reads!

Classic Clitoride

I'm on a mission here for cmsix's A Log Truck Driver In Outer Space, but I also admit to nominating hammingbird's It's My Party. A number of wonderful stories make up this category so have fun making up your mind (but vote for cmsix anyway, lol).

Authors of the Year

Too many! My two top choices would probably be aroslav and Dual Writer. Still, you can't ignore the contributions of Argon or Jay Cantrell either. I also would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge, Coaster2 for a ton of good work. Tedbiker and Kaffir also wrote some great stuff in the past year.

I'm sure I've left a ton out, but take a moment to nominate some stories before the end of the month and vote once the finalists are announced in early March!

Thanks for your consideration!!!!