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New Stories and Old Stories

February 21, 2014
Posted at 9:08 am

The first week of March 2014 I am planning to release 2 e-books on Amazon USA and Amazon UK. They are "Japanese Erotica Collection by Harry Lime" and the historical romance "Sofia's Revenge by Harry Lime" I am currently working on several erotic short stories and on a World War II spy romance called "The Widow Wore Black. I started a new short story also in that historical niche called "DCI Sidney Griffin and the Missing Land Girl". It is about the Woman's Land Army during WWII in England. When I finish this one, I plan to do one on the Woman's Forest Service which gathered the lumber from the rural forests for the war effort. Another interesting story would be about Churchhill's secret army, the Auxillary Units in their underground bunkers. One reader commented to me that I should employ DCS Foyle to consult with my DCI. I also started up my Spy story called "The Accidental Spy" It is now in the ninth chapter. I plan 15 chapters total for this segment. It is not written with a great deal of sexual content at least not in the Harry Lime tradition. Hope some of the stories are interesting to readers.