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To 'K" whoever you are, thank you

February 20, 2014
Posted at 10:10 pm

Since you wish to remain anonymous I'll reveal no more than the initial of your signature. I hope you see this, as your feedback demands a reply on my part.

THANK YOU! Your response to my work makes all the effort worthwhile. Rest assured, I will certainly strive to bring forth Chapter 22 as quickly as possible to relieve your stress. I apologize for the lengthy delays which sometimes afflict my work, but on occasion Real Life intrudes, and I will post no chapter until it is right, rather than disappoint my readers.

Dee demands it of me.

And a reminder to all who send feedback anonymously, please be aware that I cannot respond to you other than through this public channel, and rest assured I will NEVER reveal your identity should you choose to contact me -- uh -- non-anonymously. I do appreciate all feedback, and respond to it when I can.