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Still here!

February 18, 2014
Posted at 1:38 am

As we're now in a new year, I just thought I'd post a line to let my fan know I was still alive.

I've not yet returned to It's All In The Mind, though I would like to at some point, but I am still working on Angel's Wood, which is up to 27,000 words plus. I made the decision with AW, that I wouldn't start to post it until it was complete, and as I work pretty slowly, it would be easy to think I'd disappeared.

One of the reasons that I work so slowly, is the way I work. If I come back to the story the next day, I read what I wrote the day before, correcting as I go. If it's been a week or so since I wrote, I read the whole chapter again, again editing and tweaking as I go. If I've left it more than a month, I do the same for the whole story. I could never be a professional author, I don't work well under pressure, which I think is why IAITM died. There are times too, when I need to leave it alone, and wait for inspiration to strike, and give me a means to move the story on.

Add to all this the fact that I never start out with more than a vague outline, and allow the story to be character driven, and you can see why my modus operandi makes snails look quick.

Anyway, I'm still here, and short of a terminal heart attack, I hope to post Angel's Wood in a few months, but don't hold your breath.