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Almost forgot about the blogs

February 16, 2014
Posted at 11:53 pm

Hello, everyone -

I just got a nice email from someone who noted it has been jt over two years since my last post.

Well, if you read my last post, this will make a little sense:

I've buried an uncle -- well, helped bury him -- and, on three separate occasions, thought I'd be accompanying my mother to the gravesite.

My best friend in the world is my wife; as it should be, I suppose, but the man who was TRULY my greatest friend, EVER, died just over a year ago.

I'm still not over it. I may NEVER be over it.

I find things I want to discuss with him every day.

In addition, my wife has had to relocate to Charleston, WV, for work. She comes home every couple of weeks for a weekend, and we do what we can to make up for lost time. Still, one can only sit around the house so much...

Throughout all this, I've written a few things. A dozen stories or so, in various stages of development, in fact.

I just don't have the muse in my ear to finish them. Not right now.

I'm making plans to re-start. I can't mourn forever, and wifey has found a way to spend a week working from home every month.

I will hereby promise to release what I consider to be my magnum opus before the end of March. Much sooner, I hope.

Many thanx to my readers.