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Valentine's Day Recommendation

February 14, 2014
Posted at 7:57 am

OK, I know most of you see mcguy101 and Mind Control (or lately, pseudo-time travel) and head for the hills, but I have one little story that I'm hoping will appeal to many SOL readers.

I have a very romantic story called Let Me Count the Ways. For some reason, it is my poorest downloaded story by a mile (only 354 downloads in more than a year since it was posted). Maybe it's the description that turns readers off, but I always thought that it deserved more notice (I'm convinced the low score reflects the fact that it had not found its target audience). Not to brag, but I was fortunate enough to win a monthly writing contest with it at another site, several years ago. It is a very short, but sweet read.

Is it perfect? No. I've noticed a couple tiny technical flaws (I'm not sure if one of them happened when I formatted the story at SOL). Still, it is a sweet and sexy story of consensual hypnosis between a fun, passionate and loving couple. There is no cheating.

So, if it's romance you want on Valentine's Day, please give my story a try. Share it with someone you love.