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chapter 26?

February 11, 2014
Posted at 2:04 am

It suffers from over run but it's ok. Muse baby had a great deal of fun with it.
Yeah…it was a riot.
Research about the Oz Navy was more of a bust than you can imagine. Those guys must be either web deficient or under populated. In fact…trying to find ANYTHING about airfields and bases during the war was very hard.
Took you all of one day and most of the next to find tiny pictures
Yeah…it's hard. It's the biggest reason the Penny is staying put and the repair crew for the ROV is flying in. It suffered a great deal of misuse looking at all the wrecks.
and you got stuck looking at pictures of soldiers beheading people
The grin on the guy's face holding a head while surrounded by headless bodies was gruesome.
It was icky