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Story Feedback

February 10, 2014
Posted at 6:56 pm

Well, it has been just over a week since I started posting episodes in my latest story - The Three Signs of Love. I've received some mixed feedback, and I want to use that to explain a bit more about the story. two comments included the following:

"When I was reading it felt like Will and Cathy are 30 yr olds not teens."

"Well I like the story but I think it is getting stretched out in the plot with not having intercourse and this now off-again thing with Lori."

I guess for people who are expecting non-stop sex, then the story will be a bit of a disappointment - there are other excellent stories on the Stories On Line Site that would be more suitable for them - Nick Scipio's Summer Camp, or Melissa's Secret, are two that are both excellent, with wall to wall sex. I know for myself - although it's been many years since I was a teenager facing similar dilemmas to the protagonists in my story, actually "going all the way" was a HUGE step. I had several situations where I was almost at the point of entry, but pulled back - emotionally and physically.

For those impatient to read some actual intercourse scenes... sorry, there's a lot more of the story to get to before some actualy fucking takes place. Sorry about that. But part of the story is to explore non-fucking love making; to see how people develop and grow and learn about sex and relationships, and just how complicated it is for some teenagers.

However, one heart warming comment was:

I can't say enough good things about the way you developed the characters and all the "road bumps" they are facing. Keep up the good work.
The tenderness and real life trials you have captured so vividly I actually choked tears back in a few spots!

That really made my day - I have spent maybe 6 or 7 years crafting the story, and to have a comment like that makes it all worth while.