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February 9, 2014
Posted at 4:08 pm


I received this email from a reader and after reading it I asked if I could share it. As anyone who rights stories will probably tell you it's great to hear from people that like what you put out. Sometimes it's also hard to actually sit down and write though. Besides the validation that you get when someone tells you that they liked what you wrote people send in ideas. Here is one that I will do my best for the author of this letter. Again, thank you for sharing with me.

P.S. All the authors on this site would most likely like to hear from the people that like their stories; so write them. We may not be able to turn everyone of your ideas into something but we'll all listen. I'd advise everyone to take a try at contributing their own story. You might find some of your favorite authors as fans.

Dear Hornymother,

Your recent addition has prompted me to write you. I hope that you could also maybe turn my experience into a story for other people. I lived an experience similar to the character in your story. When I was 9 my father was in the military and he was away for very long stretches. I have a brother that is 5 years older than me and he engage in a relationship with my mom that made me feel less worthy.
As I said my father would have long tours of duty overseas and be gone for many months at a time. Between the ages of 9 and 12 he was gone for almost the entire time. He only spent a month here and there with us. He called a lot but he wasn't around much. During this time my brother began to assert himself more and more. Both my father and mother seemed to encourage it. My father frequently told us both that he was the man of the house while he was away. My mom also told me on many occasions to listen to my brother. She also spent a lot of time talking with him and using him for moral support. The first time that I knew something was different was when I saw them kiss. It was about 4 months after my dad had just left again. He had been gone for 3 months then returned and was going to be gone for a long time. I was in the kitchen eating breakfast when my brother came in and hugged my mom and kissed her. It was longer than what I knew to be normal and on the mouth. My mom told him he was a bad boy and laughed. Those kind of kisses happened more and more often around the house. I asked my mom why my brother kissed her like that and I remember her being embarrassed and snapping at me. Later she apologized and asked me how I felt about it. I really didn't see girls or woman as sexy or anything at that time and so I replied that I didn't care. It was just odd. She told me that my brother was older and that people do things differently when they're adults. I argued that he wasn't an adult but she just told me that he was when my dad wasn't around.

The second time I noticed something was during a snow day. I had woken up early and there was tons of snow on the ground. I went to my parents' bedroom to ask my mom if I had to go to school and found my brother sleeping in the bed with her. Looking back at the way she kept the covers up to her chin I know she was naked under the covers. She later explained that it was cold and lonely and that was why my brother was in bed with her.

I only saw them have sex twice. I had gone to my mom's bedroom early on a Saturday morning and my brother was on top of my mom fucking her. They had the covers off and I could everything. I left the room after a bit and I don't think that they ever knew.
The second time was again on a weekend. We were all watching TV in the living room and they were cuddling. I looked back at them and they were doing lots of kissing. When I asked them what they were doing my brother told me to go to my room. I tried to argue but mom my told me to listen to my brother. They made a lot of noise and I peeked. My brother was on top of my mom with his pants down humping her on the couch. My mom had her legs wrapped around my brother and saw me when I looked in. she told me to go back to my room and stay there. She told me to never tell anyone about what I had seen and that my brother was an adult and doing what my dad had said. But I could never tell him because he would be made at me.

Over the three year period that my dad was gone I did hear them having sex many times.
During this period and ever since then my mom has always compared me to my brother and made me feel worthless. I graduated college, I have a better job, and I have a nice place, success really. My brother never finished school has spent extended time moving back home. He seems to do whatever he wants and doesn't grow up and be an adult. But my mom still treats him like he is the successful one in the family. My dad always plays well he was her first born nonsense. He has no idea that they had sex. I don't know if they still do I doubt it.

When I was older I could understand more about things that I didn't know at the time. They would cuddle on the couch and many times they would whisper so that I couldn't hear and move around a lot. I know now that they were paying with each other. Probably masturbating each other but I don't really know. Times that they would make me stay away from the house. And all the innuendo that I never understood at the time. Things pop up in my memory and I say oh yea now I get it.

My mother was/is attractive and I wish that I could have been the one to have sex with her. Or been included.

Well thanks for listening. Hopefully you can turn this into a story. I'd love to help and give you details if you want. I just wanted to write you and tell you my story because I kind of feel like the character in your story. I hope that you also keep writing and add something good for Richard.