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February 4, 2014
Posted at 4:52 pm

'The Legend of Eli Crow-Part Four-The Young Bucks'

Chapter 89

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Las Cruces,
New Mexico Territory
May 4, 1889

After making arrangements to have their cattle loaded,
Eli heads to the train station to send a message back to
Hoke at Little Tree.

He leaves Las Cruces and rides the ridge trail back toward
the herd. As soon as he can find a place to look down at
the herd, he stops and pulls his spotting scope out.

All is well with his friends and the herd.... until he looks
toward the rear of the long line of cattle. He sees a dust
cloud far in the distance behind the stragglers.

There are at least a dozen riders coming up hard behind them.

This could mean only one thing.

The Federalês were coming!