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A Meditation on Scores

February 4, 2014
Posted at 10:59 am

I've just come to the conclusion -- well, no, I guess I've had this thought lurking in the back of my mind for some time -- that the scores we get here on SOL are pretty useless, a blunt instrument at best.

This morning, as usual, after checking my email (not much feedback, except for one faithful correspondent who offers interesting advice and helps me with some research) I took a look at the latest statistics for Dee STP. I've even set up a modest spreadsheet to track the scores, going back to May of last year.

That was the month of the infamous Chapter 8, about which the less said the better.

My cumulative score has crept up to a pretty respectable level, but this morning I was a little dismayed to find that while one more person had voted my cumulative score for Dee STP had dropped from 8.32 to 8.30.

Now, as the number of votes increases the impact of any single vote diminishes, of course, and that's a bit of a hit. So I went to the chart that shows graphically how the various votes are distributed, and found that the number of 10s had actually dropped by two. The other columns on the chart don't show a count, and the graph doesn't have any grid to compare the columns, which makes the whole thing close to useless.

But getting back to the case in point, I'm lead to the unavoidable conclusion that while I did get one more vote it was not a 10, and that two previous 10 votes had to have been changed, to what I have no way of knowing.

What is it about the latest chapter that would make someone knock the score down? I have no way of knowing. The only thing that tells me anything is feedback.

But still I look at my scores every day.

Maybe I should stop.