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Magic Ink V, Chapters 57 & 58

January 31, 2014
Posted at 5:58 pm

The final two chapters of the story have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

In these final chapters of Magic Ink V, we learn how the family faired after resigning from the Army. How they solidified the possession of their land and helped the local farmers.

Just after New Year of 1802, they returned to their own Reality to continue their education and to be married. Their parents and other relatives are shocked to learn that they are so much older. The children all soon realize that they would rather be back in the Third Reality than their original one. Ken and Kell wish to return to Ireland in the Other Reality also.

Later Grandfather Mark suggests a way for them to make money from all of the remaining British equipment that they have.

They spend most of their out of school time back in the Third Reality insuring that things are proceeding in the way they wish them to. In the Epilogue, we learn how things have turned out over the next dozen years. There are also questions raised about the roll of the "Book of Dreams' and the Eternal flame in their various decisions. Some strong conclusions are presented.

I never realized that the story would be this long. I knew what I intended for the characters to accomplish, but I believed it could be done in many fewer chapters. It didn't turn out that way. I was hoping to finish the story in forty chapters or less. This turned into fifty chapters and eventually I was hoping to finish in sixty chapters, and managed it in fifty-eight with a bit of shortening of things.

As you will see, I have left the possibility of future stories open in the Epilogue. I had originally planned for this to be the final story in the Magic Ink saga.

To continue with more stories, I have placed all of the stories in the Magic Ink Universe, to take advantage of stories that may not include the O'Connells but will still be in their Universe and one or more of their Realities.

I wish to thank all of the readers who have followed this and my other stories. I hope that you have enjoyed them and will continue to look in on my new stories when they appear. It will be some time before I have anything new to post. I have a number of things started, but nothing is ready at this time.

I would also like to thank my Editors for their continued work on what I write. They fix the mistakes that I make so the stories are readable. They are a swell bunch of guys and do their best to keep me straight. Thanks again.

Enjoy these final chapters.

Keep Well,
uncle jim