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Favorite Serials

January 29, 2014
Posted at 5:56 pm
Updated: January 30, 2014 - 10:49 pm

I felt that it was time to do this again when I realized that one of my favorites had just ended. I want to commend rlfj for his outstanding story, A Fresh Start. It is truly an fantastic do-over story and one of the best in the genre. It was a great story on so many levels and was well thought out. Like his character, Carl Buckman, I hope the author gets a most well deserved rest (but not too long, because I can't wait to see what he comes up with next).

I'd also like to recommend the recently completed romance, A Glimpse Through the Mist of Time, by Texrep and Kaffir for his excellent romantic stories, Accidental Attraction and Kate. I also enjoyed Coaster2's sweet, though occasionally bittersweet, Big Red. Finally I want to commend Al-Canadian for his The Energists series and Stacatto for his Code Name: Crescent.

(Quick edit: I knew I would forget at least one story and that story was Douglas Fox's terrific A Reluctant Hero. OK, on with the show!)

Here are some terrific active serials I'm following:

(Warning, a few vague spoliers)

Lightning in a Bottle by Sage Mullins
The adventures of Pat O'Malley and his friends, family and his true love, continue to enthrall and delight.This is a different kind of Do-Over, as Pat decides to make his personal life a higher priority than his fiscal one (not that he's averse to making a buck with his foreknowledge). I correspond quite frequently with the author and have helped him from time to time, so I may be a little biased, but I loved this story before that happened. For that reason, I'm quite comfortable recommending it.

This wonderfully nostalgic piece is a great look back at the eighties, but more importantly about a group of friends, I'd like to have met during that time. Sweet, hot and very romantic and loving, I highly recommend it!

Flight of the Code Monkey by Kid Wigger
Part Sci-Fi adventure, part journey into a primitive society, these parallel storylines are quite enjoyable and well laid out for the reader. The pacing is on the slow side, which works because it tantalizes the reader by building incredible suspense. You just know something awful is going to happen at any moment, but it never does. Sooner or later, we know it will and by then we'll all explode, lol. There are still some action-packed scenes though, so plenty to hold us over until the story finally lifts off. The characters are all well drawn and lots of fun. The sex is hot, but not a stroker. Much recommended!

A New Past by Charlie Foxtrot
I just started on this one several days ago and I'm glad I did. Another Do-Over story but an interesting set up with interesting characters. Unlike, most Do-Overs, Paul uses his abilities as an engineer to improve his fortunes and to make the world a safer place. He also uses his mature confidence to make friends and find love. Another must read!

Sibling Magus by TechnicDragon
Third part of a cool fantasy trilogy. Check out the other stories first, but highly enjoyable and quite hot! Definitely recommended!

Racing the Clock by Crumbly Writer
A repost, but a wonderful story! if you did not read it the first time, don't miss it too. Don't forget to read the first three stories in The Catalyst series first. They are also excellent. The adventures of Alex and his women are a must read!

Other recommended active serials:

Redtail by aroslav (who fairly recently completed the wonderful fantasy story, The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality)

Arlene and Jeff by RoustWriter: Always enjoyable!

The Spark by Zoras: Shcokingly good! (lol)

Overboard Too by bretuck: Sweet romantic take on the original Oyster50 tale.

Overboard by Handyman Another take on the above. Slower developing, but equally good and just as sweet.

We are a bit overdue for some other favorites:

Lady in Red by Hardaysknight
Beth 6 by Svengali's Ghost
The Return by Clansman

If you haven't given some of these stories a chance, give them a try!