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January 28, 2014
Posted at 5:33 pm

'The Legend of Eli Crow-Part Four-The Young Bucks'

Chapter 88

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New Mexico Territory
May 1, 1889

Following a sucessful early morning raid into Mexico
to free Rosa Delgado and her friend, Eli and his men
race north in hopes of meeting up with the herd of

Jeno and Jubal Hooker, with the four vaqueros, drive
the large herd of Longhorns back across the Rio Grande.
They keep them running north toward Las Cruces until
they meet Eli and the others.

The third morning on the trail, after driving the cattle
hard for two days, Eli rides ahead into Las Cruces to
make sure the men at the loading pens are ready for
the cattle.

Eli meets a man from his past who knows all about him,
though they've never met. Thus begins a friendship that
leads to a strange turn of events for Eli and the Crow