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Chapter 172

January 21, 2014
Posted at 1:38 pm

Some interesting feedback on the funeral episode. Several people wanted Carl to make up with his father at some point, but I always thought there was too much damage by that point. If he was going to hookup with his father again, it would have been back in the '80s, and that didn't happen.

There were also some questions as to whether I have experience like this of my own. The answer is simple - no! I am no more a disappointment to my parents than any child is. By that I mean we all have hopes and dreams for our children, and they never turn out EXACTLY as you planned. I certainly didn't, and neither did my children. As a rational adult, I simply smile and say, 'So what?! It's their life!', and then go play with the grandkids. That's what my parents did with me. My father passed away several years ago (dementia) but I still see my family when I can, and we talk every few weeks. We are normal people. Mom is not crazy, though as part of the 'Mom' job description she drives her kids crazy.

I've had several people write that I seem to be the new download king, in terms of downloads of serials. That was news to me, since it wasn't a metric I had ever paid attention to before. Thank you, I suppose. The only metric I actually watch is the score, which I suppose shows my vanity.