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Mike and Malok Responses

January 19, 2014
Posted at 11:22 pm
Updated: January 20, 2014 - 10:47 am

So far, I'm really overwhelmed with the amount of feedback I received for this story (yeah, I know the scores could be higher, but that's just me being picky, lol).

So far in less than twelve hours, there have been more than 3300 downloads for the story. I've also just topped the 100 mark on favorite authors lists (thanks!).

I've made a boneheaded mistake or two I want to 'fess to and correct.

First of all, my geography lesson on France must have seeped out of my skull, as The Seine does not run anywhere near the Med. I probably had the Rhone River in my mind and somehow the more familiar Seine came front and center. I will correct this (Thanks to Fred and Roger for pointing that out).

There are also some question of the distinction between Cro-Magnon and "Modern man" both being considered "Homosapiens" (I knew that they were related, but was not sure what the distinction was in terms of the word (also pointed out by Roger).

I will figure how to resolve this going forward.

Again, thank you for the amazing response to this story. For the most part, all of the feedback has been quite helpful!

Edit: I just reposted Chapter 1 to fix a few capitalization errors (courtesy of Walt). I also missed a couple minor technical issues and made a minor change to clarify a section. No changes to the plot.