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'A Leader Born' not eligible for the Clitorides

January 19, 2014
Posted at 9:37 pm

First, writing has been slow. Playing Bioshock Infinite isn't helping, nor is a family problem.

Second, thank you to those who are nominating my stories, and all the stories. Keep up the good work. I must tell you, though, that I've asked that 'A Leader Born' not be nominated. It's not an erotic story, and that's what this award is for. The Magic of Bells is on the fence, sex wise, but now that someone has nominated it and I've thought it through, I'm leaving it up. It has just enough to slip by. Remember, the stories with the most nominations will make it to the voting round, so after you've added your favorite stories from last year go through the list and add your nomination for a story already there. Something with only one or two nominations probably won't make the cut.