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Getting back on my feet

January 17, 2014
Posted at 12:16 pm

My uncle was a 'character' so his death also had 'character'. Let's just leave it at that and not discuss the six siblings interaction which I had to drag my cousin away from.

Of course, work is a mess. We are switching database technologies and the junior engineers do not yet understand to LOOK IN THE FUCKING LOG FILES!!!

I owe some people stuff -- just reading and commenting on stories so I hope to get to that next week. This weekend is for vegging on the couch... hopefully my daughter will be agreeable to some very long naps on top of her father.

I will be doing an audit of my series and incomplete stories with an eye to cutting stories down that I want to work with. My wife wants baby #2 so I have a limited amount of time before hell rains down on me. I'd prefer to leave only AMR incomplete before baby #2 arrives and work on that in my spare time.

I have started to outline my anime-hentai fan story... don't know how deep it gets as I want to make a few changes before the wife and I start trying for #2.