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New Story (an ode to cmsix)

January 16, 2014
Posted at 8:05 pm

Ever since cmsix decided that it would be a good idea to have aliens take a modern man and transport him to a prehistoric world, we SOL authors have been curbing our urge to get caught up in this delightful madness. Some have been more successful than others (See the great Al Steiner). Others, not so much (see the equally great El Sol).

Well, little old MCer wannabe, yours truly has decided to finally start publishing a story inspired by the talented gentleman from Texas. My story has been languishing on an old hard drive of mine for some time (like a whole lot of stuff I've been ignoring for years), but after some readers bemoaned the death of such stories, I decided that I would publish what I have with the hopes of being able to finish it (since it is mostly written).

I decided to get creative and call it Mike and Malok. I have some intrepid volunteers helping to proofread it and to help to make it somewhat coherent. So far, they haven't threatened to string me up, so I guess it can't be too bad. :)

With any luck, I'll start posting it over the weekend or early next week. Either way, I would like to thank (or curse, I haven't decided which yet, lol) cmsix for his John and Argent (and for all of his other enjoyable tales)!