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The Clitorides

January 15, 2014
Posted at 10:56 pm

Well, I hope most of my readers are going through this year's releases, not just here but over on ASSTR and elsewhere, and nominating stories. The more, the better. Awards like this help readers like you find the hidden gems. Go forth and nominate!

Should you nominate any of my stories? If you want. I put a list on my ASSTR blog of the stories eligible, but over here it's easier to see the posting date. Are any worthy? I personally think one is: Where Friendship Leads. So far, no stories have been nominated in the Best Gay/ Lesbian/ Gender Bending category. I wrote Where Friendship Leads specifically because m/m stories get shouted down here, plus naturally I wanted to do my take on it. It's a fun story, and maybe if it gets a nomination other gay stories will fill up the category. One can hope.