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Thanks to all the readers

January 10, 2014
Posted at 10:27 am

I tried to drive Just Another Day... two direction with an Alpha Chapter and a Bravo version(ch 8).

So far, by a 2:1 ration the Alpha chapter 7, seems to be downloaded more. Over 10,000 of you seem to be satisfied with Ray, since the story began, to me that means a lot. 2 readers cannot understand how a man could not want to go back to those girls though, guess that girls never shot at them or tried to kill them.
Still have some scars from that time, so just don't see things one way.

I'll write chs 9 and 10 also as an Alpha and Bravo version then probably just centre on whichever you like the most using chapter download count as the measure.

Again many thanks readers and remember, it is only a story, and in Real Life, everything does not always have a happy ending.