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How things are going

January 9, 2014
Posted at 10:19 pm

I figured you guys deserved an update.

First, I'm happy the current tale is being received well. Readership is over 7,000, which is less than what A Leader Born ended with but very good. No complaints there. You may have noticed, though, I've dropped down to about a chapter a week. The holidays were to blame for the last few, but now I just have to blame mood. What I want to write is worked out in my head, but I just find things to distract me when I sit down to write. I'll get through it, but a chapter a week will probably be the norm for awhile.

I will say, though, writing this particular story is starting to be work. Not as fun. I have no intention of ending it early, having learned from the fiasco that was The Magic of Life (where ending on a cliffhanger, with the intention of coming back, lost me 75% of my readers for the next few stories. Fewer than 500 came back for the sequel). Worse comes to worse, I take a long break between chapters, but I'll try to avoid that. What I may do is work on a second story along side it. Alternate. That has worked in the past, so you may get your two chapters a week but just in different stories. I've been re-reading Where Friendship Leads, which I haven't seen since I wrote it. Damn, I forgot how fun that was. Maybe I'll continue it. Hmm...

I have mentioned before I have a Patreon page, where readers can sponsor new chapters. I try not to mention it much, as this is not the place, but the six current sponsors truly help. I've set a goal there, patron wise, if you would like to look. My stories will always be available for free here and on ASSTR.