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About Alt World -updated *spoilers*

January 9, 2014
Posted at 8:29 am
Updated: January 25, 2014 - 8:21 am

Read first few chapters before reading this.
This is another cmsix inspired do-over with a twist. The twist is that, rather than having to deal with possible butterfly effect from going back in Earth prehistory, The hero goes to a distant future history on an alternate earth, which is safe because the alien abductor takes me there through a black hole, something likely impossible to any physical vehicle.
And please note the 'alien' is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) - Something very familiar to fans of the genre, so I dont have to explain how he does things.
Only that for the new world I'm going to, the AI is gonna stop doing for a population that has become lazy and ignorant and totally dependent on them. I see this as the obvious distant outcome of our own timeline.
Watch the movie "Idiocracy" to get the general idea.
Over millenia, the natives have bred themselves into a path for extinction and it's up to the hero Jason, and his female friends to start a whole new gene pool.
- Abetted by the AI secretly neutering the few remaining fertile inhabitants having any semblance of a sex drive. There's no moral ambiguity in doing that because the ruling elite philosophers plan to eradicate them, anyway.
Good thing about writing do-overs is you get to create perfected relationships with those you've known in the past.
Added bonus is when one of the main women characters reads and comments on it as you write.
'Sarah' emails that it's pretty good so far now that I've "picked my crew to screw".

I think she liked the part where 'Jason' as a physically young man fucked her as an old woman. Given that opportunity, I would, too. The girl never leaves the granny and I owe large part of my high regard for women to her. We got each other's cherry. Even better, she enjoys reading about my other adventures.
Yeah, she's mildly kinky and admits she is reading it for the 'juicy' parts.