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January 8, 2014
Posted at 12:19 pm

the transponder code

yeah…read it…my memory ain't so good. I think I changed it to 7605…or 7506…either one would fit. You suggest a number that would fit a military overflight that a defeated United States…with a really pissed off president…would use to guide a daredevil military pilot to a flight with Cheyenne Mountain clearance for the express purpose of destroying said overflight…on the spur of the moment of course. Always remembering that the whitehouse and occupants were dumped in the Atlantic and most of the center…500 meters…of the pentagon went to the Pacific. To say nothing of the several states that seceded and petitioned to join the Princessapality…also allowing for the fact (in fiction) that the missile command mostly left too. Give me a number and I'll change it.

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