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ok, a writing pace I'd love to keep

January 5, 2014
Posted at 11:47 pm

I'm not a big one for official New Year's resolutions. Its too easy to throw them away and claim "it was only a resolution" However, I did decide that since we are at the start of a modern year (in ancient times the first day of spring was the start of the year.) I might as well put some effort into improving things in my life. Part of that was to increase writing output.

So, that is something I have worked on. My current SOL project is now up to 18 completed chapters and 85K words (it looks like it will easily eclipse Crisis for longest SOL story I have ever written by the time I'm done).

I do plan on working on stuff for Smashwords. But I learned some time ago that I should try to concentrate on one story as much as I can. When a finished story is probably going to be 200K or more words, its a multiple month undertaking. Splitting my focus just slows down the process.

Don't expect anything from me for at least 2 weeks. The only story I have that would be considered "publishable" is one I'm not going to finish for some time. It was a hack job that was based on some of the more silly "cheating wife" tales I've read and I hate the ending that I forced on the story. It needs a rewrite, but writing one is not a priority for me, so right now I have nothing to post.