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January 5, 2014
Posted at 11:21 pm
Updated: January 13, 2014 - 6:50 pm

I guess you could say I grew up sassy and a lot of the "Savannah" character in Hard Times is based on me. I was slapped on the back for being "feisty" and encouraged to be that way.

Some of this story is kind of an intervention of sorts for that out-of-control temperament.

Since you most likely do not know me - I thought I would offer you the next best thing.

Picture the woman in this video as a teenager and that is basically Savannah. I hope you will read her dialogue in this voice.

Here is a link to the Hard Times Story. If you are not familiar with it - it's about a young girl (Ellen) who has to move from middle america with her Aunt in the trailer park.

It has been compared to "People of Walmart Fan fiction" because it contains the trashy trailer park sluts and rednecks that one might expect there - doing what they do.

If you like stories with humiliation, dares between cousins, games and hot girls washing trucks and cars - this might be for you.

It also speaks to an evolution and a change in not only the main character but everyone else she comes into contact with.

I am really enjoying writing it and I hope you will fall in love with these characters the way I am.