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Magic Ink V, Chapter 49 & 50

January 3, 2014
Posted at 5:43 pm

The new chapters have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

This week's chapters open with Admiral Ball being added to the prisoners at British Army Headquarters in Philadelphia. He is shocked by the O'Connells' demand that they surrender. The O'Connells have a moral dilemma to resolve while awaiting the British decision. The British decide not to surrender.

Over the next couple of days Rattlesnake is readied to sail against the British fleet, and all of the O'Connells and their spouses visit her to become familiar with her layout. On Saturday morning, Ken, Kell, Seamus, and Mark go to rouse the Generals and the Admiral so they can see the battle first hand.

The new British Fleet is sighted at around 10:00 that morning, and the engagement begins shortly after 10:30. It isn't a good day for the Royal Navy.

Later two Admirals arrive to negotiate a ceasefire. Mark demands that they surrender, but only Admiral Lord Keith can do that, and he is injured. Ken, Kell, and their Wives go to heal Lord Keith.

He, Admiral Ball, and the Generals are all returned to Philadelphia to sign the surrender agreement. The O'Connells have a lot to do following that.

Historic Note:

All of the Royal Navy ships listed in these chapters are actual historic ships of this time period, as are the Admirals and Captain named in these chapters.

Enjoy these two chapters. More next week.

Keep Well,
uncle jim