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Happy New Year

January 1, 2014
Posted at 1:01 am

I've been celebrating on New York time even though I'm currently on the West Coast. I figure that way I can go to bed now. Still, I wanted to pass on my greetings and my good wishes for the coming year.

For a long time now (don't know how long) I've considered New Year's as just another line in the sand. It says how far we've come and gives us a place to mark how far we go. It's nothing special. Still...

This year, I'm sweeping out the old. I've been in Seattle for three weeks now after three days of flight cancellations getting out of Dallas. I've had my big Solstice party and told my friends that this was the end of an era. I've selected a realtor and now I'm cleaning out the house literally. There are things to go to Goodwill. There are a few items to take to storage so I can pick them up with the trailer and truck next summer when I come through. There's painting and maintenance to be done, and tomorrow (1/1/14) I'll take down all the holiday decorations and dispose of most of them. Maybe I'll get the dog shit picked up out of the back yard and start smoothing everything out. In two more weeks, the house will be on the market.

My wife is moving across the street to a friend's house. My daughter is getting ready to move across the state to go to college. And I'm getting ready to fly back to Texas to pick up my rig and head across the southeastern U.S. March in Key West. I keep telling myself that. So maybe it's the biggest New Year I've ever experienced. Or maybe it's just another line in the sand.

Either way, I hope that 2014 brings health, good luck, wisdom, and abundance to each of you who read this blog and my stories. I plan to write a lot more this year. I hope you continue to enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Blessings!