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Yuletide Log

December 22, 2013
Posted at 12:49 pm

"Yuletide Log"

"Huh, Huh, Huh"

So it's Christmas time and I was thinking of taking a short break from cranking out chapter after chapter of Hard Times. I am really enjoying where that story is going and how it different than Family Feud.

However, I was thinking maybe of doing a more winter-frost, yuletide/happy holidays kind of story. A short one just for grins like I did "Halloweiner".

I took a couple very minor characters from the FF series and extrapolated out what happened to them around Halloween.

I could do the very same around some characters in Family Feud (or Hard Times - they are all connected).

My question to the people who follow my stories are:

#1 - who would you most like to be featured in a story and why?

A lot of people are probably curious about Delilah. I had/have plans to do a full blown story about her - so I probably won't do a Waxerman Christmas.

A lot of people loved to hate the Taylor's nemesis - Cathy Griffin. I have a tendency to let the reader fill in the blanks because their imagination will often be far more creative in that regard - so I am hesitant to give you an update on her life and that of her rich grandfather.

However, I am open to hearing from you on this. There is actually a complete companion that describes every character in FF at the start of FFIV

I have another one for Hard Times but I have not posted it yet. It is useful to me as an author to note all my characters and I thought it may be a handy glossary for fans of the story to keep things straight.

#2 When I started writing Hard Times I wasn't sure how long the story would be. I knew it easily cover a whole summer break where Ellen's life gets turned upside down in the trailer park after leaving the suburbs she grew up in. It is starting to be fairly long now though - because there is still more story to tell.

If I was to do a nice jaunty Christmas story - it needs to be no more than 1-3 chapters. This question is give me a premise for the characters in question one.

An example would be:

-"I would like to read the origin story of Buford and his first Christmas after his accident. He gets a large cash settlement and happens into running an adult novelty store. He had a wife, kids and a 9-5 job before this - and te presents they open up on the morning of christmas are from his new store!"

That is kind of a lame premise - but it serves as an example of the kind of story starter I could use. It gives me a point in time for the story, why it has to do with Christmas, and some sort of conflict of interest to explore.

Another example:

Jerry Cooper has become a full transvestite hooker and is spending his first Christmas working at Rahjid's, for his brother Mini-Me. He is visited by the three ghosts of his past, current and future that all tell him what a cuckold he was, is and will always be.


I am not the best at writing short premises for stories - but maybe you are. Let your creative juices flow and reply to this blog post if you want to see a short holiday story.

Oh - and yes, if I write it - it will involve lots of creamy egg-nog getting poured all over someone's face.