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Chapter 166

December 20, 2013
Posted at 7:29 pm

Back for another chapter. I expect to begin publishing for good in the next week or so.

Still getting lots of good ideas on what Carl can do, some of which I agree with, and some of which I don't, but all interesting. One big problem, though, is that Carl is living in the real world! He simply can't do what some people are suggesting.

Only Congress is allowed to tax, specifically the House of Representatives. Just because Carl thinks a tax is a good idea or a bad idea, he can't unilaterally change the tax code! The same goes for various government agencies. Many readers have written that Carl needs to abolish the Department of Education, or Energy, or Whatever, depending on the reader's leanings. That can't be done without Congressional approval. It is one thing to not create an agency (Homeland Security, TSA) but it is quite another to kill an existing one off. Each agency has massive numbers of constituents, each of which want it to get bigger, not smaller, and each of which will fund lobbyists to fight any change. As for doing some of these things by Executive Order, it's much easier to create something that way than it is to un-create it. That's how GWB originally created Homeland Security.

A few questions on why Carl was shot. Why wasn't he wearing his Presidential bulletproof underwear, Issued to all Presidents after the Reagan shooting? Well, that's a bit tougher to investigate, since the Secret Service really isn't talking about this. A big chunk of the debate is because Obama reportedly wore a suit or overcoat at his inauguration from a famous producer of bulletproof clothing from Medellin, Columbia. They don't really make the clothing from Kevlar, but generally create a liner to the clothing. Kevlar as an undershirt would be very uncomfortable. Even if he had on a Kevlar liner to his tuxedo jacket, if he wears the jacket open, or the shot comes in at the right angle, it can easily slip past the Kevlar on a shot from the front.

Another question is why Carl uses the cane on the same side his leg is bad. You are supposed to use it on the opposite side. Well, not everybody is alike. When I've had to use a cane (trick knee - sometimes I need a knee brace and I've used a cane on occasion) I've been more comfortable using it on the same side. This reminds me of the movie El Dorado, where both John Wayne & Robert Mitchum get shot in the leg, and end up using a single crutch each. Both actors spend the entire movie using it one side or the other, even joking about it in the last scene.

Finally, I want to thank and applaud a new story by xofdallas, "The Best Meal I Ever Had." This meshes quite nicely with the events of the Kurdistan War, and I asked xofdallas to hold off on publishing until we got to Chapter 166, where I mention the medal ceremonies. I created a universe so that readers can find it easily.