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"Building a Legacy" is available

December 16, 2013
Posted at 7:18 am

"Building a Legacy", the finale to the six-book "Catalyst" series, is completed and available for purchase.

Visit my website for more details at:

Having struggled to understand his strange abilities, the extent of his responsibilities and his role in life, Alex struggles to provide for those he'll soon leave behind.

With time running out, Alex faces life with a new confidence even as events and those around him change abruptly. Alex feels relieved of the need to save his people, but still feels responsible for and wants to leave them a strong legacy. But what will that legacy be? Follow along as he adjusts to new challenges as he struggles to continue, in this, the final volume of the "Catalyst" Series.

Alex and his team continue to learn more as he grows steadily weaker. Plenty of surprises and a big conclusion.