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Weekly status report

December 8, 2013
Posted at 10:58 pm

There is no news to report. :P

Not really, but nothing is all that close to publication. Since my last post I added one chapter to the story that was at 7 chapters. This story is not at 8 finished chapters of at least 20. And I wasn't exactly happy with chapter 8, which means I'm probably going to avoid the story for a few weeks while I decide how to recover the plot points I felt fell out.

My other story did grow rapidly and went from 3 to 7 chapters over the time. I don't know why, but this story has become my current focus. It is a Swarm Cycle Story, which should please my fans, but its not set in the Borneo District. SO no Ishtar or bunnies. At least not immediately. This story is likely to end up long and to have a sequel so where it ends up is very much a mystery for me. I know of one major plot point and when it has to happen, as well as a couple of minor ones I will fit in, but not all the plot points have set times, and the story covers quite a bit of time. Which means its a typical story for me.

I do have other ideas percolating in my brain and there is always a chance I'll take a break to work on something new. One of the other authors in the Swarm Cycle Universe noted that there is a quarterly contest for "Writers of the Future" where you can submit a sci-fi or fantasy story as long as its 17,000 words or less. I don't seem to write stories that short, but I have an idea for one which would be a prequel to a longer story that I came up with about a year ago, but haven't put much effort into. It's possible I'll take a few days to get this story put together.

Just part of the fun of being me. :P