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Time Enough to Dream is finished

December 7, 2013
Posted at 6:35 pm

Okay, for those of you who read my 'book 6' on WorldGroups, you know that this isn't the whole story. I had to break it up, as there were too many different storylines to include in one book. So... Book 7, 'Reprieve' (not 'Second Chances' as i originally intended) will continue the adventures of Tia & Tara, who were left murdered at the end of 'Interlude', Murielle and Miranda, who were left stranded in the Cretaceous period, and Lisa, who became a wood sprite in the Precambrian era. Also, Elaine experiments with her new 'planetary drive' and manages to blow up... no, wait. Let's not give too much away, here. BTW, feel free to vote, and send comments. Suggestions for improvement are welcome as well as kudos. :) DanK PS: Of course, I like 'kudos' more...