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A Tough New Book--The Volunteer

December 7, 2013
Posted at 9:35 am

If you've followed me for any time, you know that I also write mainstream fiction under the name Nathan Everett. I don't hide the fact that I write both mainstream and romantica. I just try to make sure people know which they are getting. This week I've launched a new, somewhat dystopian novel about a chronically homeless man titled "The Volunteer." This literary fiction is now available in both Kindle and print. It's not a big book--just 130 pages--but that doesn't make it an easy book to read. Use a bookmark; there are no chapter breaks.

I wrote this book three years ago and have been sitting on it, lacking the courage to actually publish something in this area. Still, my current situation of traveling the country without a home other than my truck and trailer brings to mind a lot of parallels with the hobo antihero of "The Volunteer." When I wrote it, I referred to it as "the dark side of what I might have been."

From the email I've received, I know that my readers look for things other than just sex and love in my stories. Certainly, in my mainstream fiction those aren't the themes. There are no college students coming of age, no sex, no happy endings in this book. But it is an in-depth look--a journey inside the head of a chronically homeless man. I believe it would be great fodder for discussion groups in churches or in social groups who are concerned with the plight of America's homeless.

The print book is available at and the Kindle book can be searched at Amazon.