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Dream Weaver ending

December 7, 2013
Posted at 8:40 am

For those of you that were disappointed in the Dream Weaver ending, I must apologize. During clean up for submission, I noticed two things. One, I left loose ends. That's okay if a sequel is planned immediately. I don't, and if I write a sequel, it will be number six in my pipeline. Two, the ending is weak. My only excuse is that I probably rushed the ending in my excitement. I was excited about finishing such a large project. This trilogy is the largest writing project that I've tackled. I was also excited about the next project that I have planned. The next project is a fast paced mostly modern day, or shortly in the future, action/adventure. It is a take off from the Ancient Aliens series from television. It will be a single book so a smaller project that the Wizard stories. I still haven't figured out a title for it yet. I don't want to use Ancient Aliens as a title because I don't want to step on any legal toes. Anyone with an idea, they would be welcome.
The bottom line is, I'm redoing the ending for Dream Weaver. I hope to have it finished this weekend, but won't promise it. I want to get this right.
Thanks for your patience.